6 Ways to Love Olive Oil

If there is one food that has changed my eating habits it’s olive oil.  Extra virgin.  Or as chefs and chef wannabes call it, EEVO.  It’s significantly changed my diet.

I was inspired to try it after watching Jaime Oliver on the Naked Chef finish every dish with a couple of glugs of EEVO.  I haven’t looked back.  Typically I go through a 16 ounce bottle a month.

It’s really the perfect food.  It’s heart healthy.  Gives your food a flavorful boost.  And can be used in several different ways.  Let me count them…

  1. Don’t like veggies?  Drizzle olive oil over the finished product before eating.  Add some parmesan and salt and any veggie instantly becomes palate friendly
  2. Instead of a smear of mayo to add some moisture to your sandwich, drizzle it inside before devouring.
  3. Mix it with good quality balsamic vinegar in a 2:1 ratio for a healthy and light salad dressing.
  4. Fill a small carafe with EEVO and add a twist of ground pepper.  Nuke for 10 seconds and get to dipping whole grain bread.  My favorite snack.
  5. Although other oils work better in some situations, I almost exclusively use olive oil when cooking.  It’s never let me down.
  6. Brush it on bread in place of butter before making a grilled cheese sandwich.  You’ll have a crisp, not soggy, comfort food.

Now’s the time to enjoy this super food.  Be sure to buy a receptacle like the one shown is a necessity.  The spout is smaller so the flow is easier to control than the store-bought bottle.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day….?  Ah screw it, pass the EEVO….


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