The Endorsement: Tostinos Frozen Pizza

First let me clarify, this is NOT a health food.  Far from it.  Its ingredient list is terrifically long and the lead component is the dreaded “enriched flour”.  So why would I endorse it?  Simply, when it comes to pizza, you can do a lot worse.

One slice (1/4 pizza) of Tostinos comes in at 185 calories.  If you go on a binge and eat the whole pie you’re down 740 calories.  Not good.  But a single slice of deep dish pizza from a national chain drops 380 calories on your plate.  Ditto for the “It’s not delivery, it’s…” crowd.

Sure, pizzeria pizza tastes better.  And if you can limit yourself to one slice per visit or delivery, you’re in better shape.  But most of us can’t.  And only getting pizza say, once a month, is a non-starter for me.  I love that stuff.

So I compromise and satisfy my urge with a Tostinos.  It’s easy, cheap, and keeps me from completely ruining my diet.  Provided I don’t down one daily.  Which is unlikely.  I’m not in college anymore.


What Say You!

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