Why Is It Always Bacon?

Links and interesting stuff from the world wide web.

Slater’s 50/50, a southern California fast food chain, has introduced the patriotically-named ‘Merica Burger.  It’s a burger made of ground bacon.  I had no idea ground bacon even existed.  Silly me.

For the twitter age: Nutrition advice in 3 words.  Simply perfect.

Why do women prefer to view the Olympics over regular sporting events?  The short bursts of activity keep their attention.  Apparently my wife isn’t alone in grimacing at the prospect of nine innings.

In vitamin news: a new analysis from the Linus Paulding Institute asserts we should double the current RDA of Vitamin C.  I’m already there.

Take a look at 7 tips to consider when ordering take out.  And here’s 5 ways to eat healthier at work.

Scratch what I asked about bacon.  I know why.


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