Who Wants Grilled Chicken at KFC?

Do we, as consumers, really want healthier food options?  Most answer yes.  We’re tired of high calorie, sugar and saturated fat loaded fare being our only option when we hit a fast food chain.

But some companies have discovered healthy fare doesn’t sell.  At least not as well as the traditional value meal options.  It seems we often falter when decision time comes.  Burger or salad?  Burger.

A recent example is KFC’s  push of its healthier grilled chicken option.  So far the new marketing campaign isn’t working.  Folks still prefer the original recipe.  And it’s costing franchisees money.  So they’re suing KFC.  Only in America.

The Moral of the Story? To avoid eating fast food, stay out of a fast food restaurant.  And fried trumps grilled.


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