McDonald’s and the Olympics

Ah, the Olympics.  A 17 day demonstration of what human bodies are capable of when pushed to the limit.  The payoff from the sacrifices these athletes have made is a remarkable thing to witness.

The Olympics also means Big Macs, Happy Meals, french fries, and Coca-Cola.  Not exactly the type of fuel high performing bodies need.

Nevertheless, you’ll see numerous advertisements for McDonald’s and Coca-cola in the commercial breaks.  Two companies whose products contribute to the obesity epidemic in the breaks between acts of physical perfection.

There’s no need to get on a soapbox. The juxtaposition of these two extremes is argument enough.  The real point to underscore comes this quote from IOC president Jacques Rogge:

“The bottom line is that we have to support and alleviate the needs of…our national Olympic committees and international federations.  Most international federations are on a lifeline for the Olympic Games and they need the financial support…otherwise they would be in trouble.”

Translation:  We don’t really want unhealthy food advertised so prominently during the Olympics, but well, we need the money.

I’m not lamenting.  Just reminding.  It’s the money.  It’s why pizza is a vegetable in schools, produce is pesticide laden, and livestock are fed antibiotics.  It’s always the money.

But don’t fret.  We’ve got a really good women’s gymnastics team…


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