Flying Killer Sushi Monsters

Links and oddities from the week:

Dead Sushi, a movie about, you guessed it, flying killer sushi monsters, premieres in September.  Notice the tagline, “Hot Wasabi Action!”.  Wish I’d thought of that…

In an online newsletter to employees last week, the USDA endorsed the idea of Meatless Monday, citing the environmental and health benefits of going without meat once a week.  In short order the beef industry pressured the USDA to reverse course, calling Meatless Monday an “activist campaign against cattle producers”.  I’m at a loss.

On a lighter note, GQ’s food critic Alan Richman gives us a thorough examination of his favorite food: ice cream.

Here are 5 things to know about a proposed organic check off program.  Think “Got Milk?” ads for the organic industry.

Is everybody really gluten-intolerant?

I never thought of putting this on the grill, but now I’m itching to try.


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