Do This Now! Goal Setting

Another simple action for a healthier lifestyle.

Do This Now! Set a monthly goal.

Goal setting is the first, and most important, step to make positive changes.  Be it in health, money, or life.  I do it every month.

Since it’s the beginning of the month now is the perfect time to so set a goal for where you want to be when the calendar turns to September.  Start with just one.

In goal setting there are four rules:

  1. Make it definable and action oriented.  Think things like: “Run 2 miles”, “Do 50 pushups”, or “Eat out only once a week.”  Not, “Eat better”, “Workout regularly”, or “Lose 5 pounds”
  2. Write it down.  It won’t stick if you don’t put pen to paper, keystroke to document, or touchscreen type to magical app.
  3. Make it achieveable.  Wanna start running?  Push to complete a mile in under 10 minutes, not run a 10K.  Incremental change is always more sticky.
  4. Do It Now!  Not tomorrow.  Not in a couple minutes.  Not after Ellen.  Now. 

What Say You!

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