This Blog is Obvious

My Favorite Kiwis

Last week a blog reader in New Zealand, commented that she enjoys the blog because the info and advice I post reminds her of the obvious.  This whole time I thought I was forging a new direction.  A Magellan of mealtime.

Actually, Claire’s comment perfectly sums up my philosophy on dieting and health.  We know all everything we need about what to eat, how to eat, and why.  Quite unfortunately, there will not be a new discovery linking beer, chicken wings, and pizza to robust health.  Wholesome food has won the day.

But you knew that already.  It is, in fact, obvious.  What may not be obvious is how to eat less bad stuff and more healthy stuff.  Here too my input may be obvious, but I’ll continue to share it if only for my benefit.

So onward! My blog sabbatical is over.  Twice a week I’ll post fairly obvious observations on diet and health, hopefully with original insights.  No 16th century Portuguese explorers necessary.


5 responses to “This Blog is Obvious

  1. i love flight of the conchords!!! NZ’s 4th most popular band

  2. Jane Laws Aquilino

    So glad to see your blog again. 🙂 I’ve missed it. You may have NO time to continue when your little princess arrives. Post when you can. I find it useful…Not always news… but many good reminders you have shared to encourage me to stay focused on making wise choices.Love you!

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