Your Diet Firewall

Before the recent election, political analysts referred to Ohio being Mr Obama’s “firewall”.  The idea being if he won Ohio, he would have a good chance of getting the result he wanted.  This isn’t a political blog, but the firewall concept can be usefully applied to your diet.

Your diet firewall is a simple habit (or habits) you always use to allow your health to fall into place.  A solid firewall prevents outside forces, like holidays, from upending your diet.  Or your hopes of reelection.

My firewall is three rules from which I rarely waiver:

  1. No junk food in the house.  I’ve discussed this before.  But it’s importance bears repeating.
  2. Plan my meals.  Another oft repeated mantra.  Plan healthy,  prep healthy, and you’ll eat healthy.
  3. Your stomach is the size of fist, portion accordingly.  After a meal you’re supposed to feel comfortable and sated, not bloated and full.

Already have a firewall?  Share with the class!


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