Why Dr Oz is a Genius. And Why He’s a Dummy.

In last week’s Time magazine, Dr Oz wrote a piece entitled “Give Frozen Peas a Chance”.  The purpose of the article was to highlight the nutritional benefits of “ordinary” food.  No need to pay high prices for fancy organic items, he says, when a box of frozen spinach packs a punch.

In the article, Dr Oz was at once brilliant and slightly stoopid.

Why Dr Oz is a Genius

Dr Oz reminds readers: Eating vegetables, even the frozen or canned variety, is a good idea.  It’s a brilliantly simple notion. Buy and prepare veggies the way you prefer.  The bigger role they command in your diet, the better.

Why Dr Oz is a Dummy

The good doctor goes to great lengths to highlight the fact organic food is not more nutritious than conventionally produced.  This idea has never been claimed by any legitimate organic advocate.  A carrot is a carrot.  Organic or not.

The difference between organic and conventional is the use of chemicals.  Chemicals that hurt the environment and hurt our bodies.  Avoiding these chemicals is the sole reason organic is a better option for our health and the health of our planet.  Whether that’s worth the price is another debate.

Dr Oz knows this, or should, yet it’s not mentioned in this article.  A dumb omission from a smart guy.


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