Willpower Sucks

Put a chicken wing in front of me and I’ll eat it.  Tell me to resist and I’ll eat two.  Smothered in bleu cheese.  Because of this failing, I do my best not to surround myself with chicken wings.  (Mondays through Thursdays…)

I have no willpower.  So I don’t count on it.  Neither should you.

Using willpower as a strategy for limiting your junk food intake is fool-hearty and ineffective.  You will fail, admit it.

A better plan is to avoid willpower’s inevitable failure by limiting your exposure to those foods that test your resolve.  Start with my oft repeated removal of junk food from your cabinet.   Get junk food away from you and give your willpower a chance.

Alas, junk food is often put in our path despite our best efforts.  And it certainly seems to pop up when we’re at our most holiday season hungry and stressed.

Thankfully, when caught in the web of holiday junk food, there are strategies to give your willpower a boost.  Real Simple magazine gives several great ideas.  From defeating the holiday party snacks to outsmarting the mall food court.  Take heed.





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