Why I Take Vitamins


Vitamins are 100 years old!  Well, kinda.

Vitamins are as old as life itself.  But it was only 100 years ago a Polish biochemist named Casimir Funk dubbed these essential nutrients “Vitamins”.  Personally, I would’ve gone with Funkamins.  Or Funky Cold Medinas. But I’m not a Polish biochemist with a cool last name.

No one disputes the importance of eating a diet full of vitamin-rich foods, but there is still plenty of skepticism over whether taking a vitamin supplement is a good idea.

Not for me.  I’m a daily multivitamin advocate.  Here’s my logic:

Oxidative stress is proven.  There’s little debate free radicals in our bodies cause damage to cells.  And…
The modern world creates more free radicals than ever before.  Pollution, chemical exposure, and increased daily stress has caused our bodies to be assaulted by more free radicals than our natural defenses can handle.  And…
Vitamins are antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals.  In addition to numerous other benefits, vitamins play a role in protecting our cells from oxidative stress.  But….
No matter how healthy our diet, we don’t get enough vitamins.  At least not enough to keep up with the increased free radical onslaught from modern living.  So…
We need a boost to compensate.  Vitamin supplements bridge this gap.

While it hasn’t been conclusively proven vitamin protection from oxidative stress leads to better health, following the above logic leads me to conclude taking a vitamin supplement likely provides a protective benefit.

Therefore, the only reason not to take a multivitamin would be if it did harm.  Generally speaking, there is little risk in taking a reputable multivitamin.  Although that’s not always the advice mainstream medicine will advertise.  (I’ve commented on this before.)

Some of the negativity certainly comes from outlandish claims made by the few unscrupulous purveyors.  But there are plenty of reputable manufacturers to choose from.  Here’s the vitamins I use and promote.  And why.

I’d love to hear why you believe, or don’t believe, in vitamin supplements.  Naysayers welcome.


4 responses to “Why I Take Vitamins

  1. I’m not clear on why you use those vitamins. Are they better than the ones at the store? Why? The website doesn’t really say anything.

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, in my opinion USANA vitamins are vastly superior to store bought brands. There’s lots of reasons, but I believe the biggest advantage comes from their high-quality, in house manufacturing practices. You can find more by clicking under the “USANA Difference” tab on the website.

      Shoot me an email (dandibacco@gmail.com) and I’d be glad to help you choose the best product for your vitamin needs.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow, great post! You definitely keep me entertained. I think vitamins are a wonderful idea. I’ve never been one to take very many, just because I feel I don’t know which ones to take, but you are making me a believer! Do you know any vitamin manufacturers that you like? I’m really not very experience in the world of supplements so pardon me for being naive. Once again, great post.

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