Frozen Junk Food has Gone Too Far

There’s no way we’ve become this lazy.  Or this stressed for time.  I understand  junky food is designed to be quick and easy, but this is ridiculous.

I spotted this at Target last week..20121206_182029

A frozen nacho kit.  With directions for microwave heating.  My god, what have we done?  Are we really unable to put forth any effort in preparing food?  Even easy-to-make nachos?  Brown beef, spread chips on tray, sprinkle cheese, add beef, broil for 3 minutes…Bang, you’ve got nachos.

Michael Polian, author of Food Rules, says if you want junk food, make it yourself.  His idea is if you put the effort into making say, french fries, you’ll eat it less often.  A solid idea.  If not widely practiced.

But nachos are a loop hole to this plan.  10 minutes!  And you can follow his advice and still eat poorly!  Unless he supports making your own tortilla chips.  In that case, his advice goes from reasonable to unpractical.

So please, don’t microwave frozen nachos.  I’m asking as a fellow human.  Keep some things sacred.



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