This %#!^*$*! Thing is Only a Tool


That’s my scale. Damned thing added 3 more pounds from my holiday celebrating than I had anticipated. But instead of cursing the scale, I thanked it. It reminded me I was the one who’d supplied the higher readout.

Although it may seem so, a scale doesn’t render judgement. It only offers feedback. And a small amount of feedback at that. The numbers on the scale define your health as well as the balance of your checking account does your credit score. Important, but not all encompassing.

I prefer judging health by overall fitness, clothing size and fit, the mirror, daily energy, sleep habits, and self-confidence. You shouldn’t need a scale to know your weight is going up.

Yet, shows like The Biggest Loser make it seem as though the numbers that peer up at us determine our self worth. The numbers don’t matter, what you do with them does.

So use the scale as it was intended, as an early warning system when you’re veering off course. The highway rumble strips of dieting.


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