Cola Chicken Potato Chips Forgot Someone

Tossing out a few links from the week gone by:

cola chicken

Pepsi and Lay’s have combined forces to bring  “Cola Chicken” flavored potato chips to China.  Which begs the question:  How did KFC get cut out of this deal?

This article’s first line reads “Surprise: People who drink alcohol tip well”.  Read: “Drunks fforget credit cards at bar.  15% gratuity added”.

A new poll shows Americans believe the obesity epidemic is a national health crisis.  But, unsurprisingly, we’re split over the government’s role in fixing the situation.  We like calories posted on menus.  We hate limiting access to junk.

Which diet is best?  Check out the latest rankings.  Paleo lovers avert your eyes.

Fox News presents its top food trends of 2013.  Be the first to tout the health benefits of teff.  Make friends and neighbors jealous.



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