Fat Mouse Pushes Organic Farming Agenda

Courtesy New York Times

Courtesy New York Times

The mice pictured above have the same diet.  EXACTLY the same.  And they performed the same amount of activity.  A lab mouse is easy to manipulate that way.

So, why is one mouse obese? Perhaps it’s a gland problem.  Or maybe our fat mouse is cursed with a slow metabolism.

Fortunately, this being a lab experiment, we know exactly what has led fat mouse to gain weight.  And, presumably, a searing jealously of the skinny mouse.  Our fat mouse was been exposed to an “obesogen”.

An obesogen is a chemical that causes our bodies to retain fat at an inordinate rate.  Unfortunately, they aren’t only found in labs.  We humans are essentially covered in them.

Obesogens, a term first coined by biologist Bruce Blumberg, can be found in plastics, furniture, machine reciepts, and, oh yeah, our food.

It seems a lot of the pesticides and herbicides used in industrial farming can have the endocrine-disruptive behavior of an obesogen.  Another reason emerges to eat organic as much as feasible.

Obesogens aren’t the main cause of America’s obesity epidemic, the easily accessible abundance of processed junk food still holds that title. But ongoing studies like the one performed on our two mice are revealing our chemically enhanced environment is doing us no favors.



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