Less Than a Footlong


When does a foot equal eleven inches? Apparently when you’re a footlong sub from Subway.  As you would expect, a suit has been filed against subway for false advertising. It seems some folks can’t live without the extra inch.

Is this suit frivolous and dumb? You betcha.  But I wonder what exactly does it say about our feelings toward food in this country?

Does it say we’re savvy consumers who demand to get what we’re paying for?  Or is it an indication we will not tolerate our food servings being even mildly unhuge?

Perhaps it’s speaks to how much useless time some of us have on our hands.  Or what kinds of silly things we think are important.  White people problems indeed.

In a 1993 episode of the Simpsons, Homer sued the Frying Dutchman buffet when he was booted before he had “all he could eat”.  It was funny 20 years ago.  Now it seems Homer was prophetic.

What do you think?  Silly lawsuit or is Subway shortchanging our footlong?


One response to “Less Than a Footlong

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