I’ve Done Something Horrible…


I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve given up bacon.  It’s surprisingly painful to say out loud.

Before I’m put on suicide watch, let me clarify.  I’ve not eliminated bacon completely from my diet, just from my daily breakfast sandwich.

It once consisted of egg , cheddar, and crispy bacon on a whole grain roll.  Now only the egg and cheddar remain.  Several dollups of Siracha have gallantly tried to pick up the slack in bacon’s absence.

I know eating bacon every day isn’t good for your health.  All that added salt and fat.  I had always tried to minimize the fat by nuking my strips on paper towels.  The salt, and I supposed nitrates, I ignored. Or, rather, celebrated.

But they’re all gone now.  And I’ve grudgingly adjusted to the lack of crispiness in my sandwich.  I’ve also adjusted to mildly lower grocery bills.

So the horrible thing I’ve done has made me a little healthier, and a little richer.  Think about what can you cut from your diet to deliver that kind of effect.

I’m betting it’s not as drastic as giving up the heaven endowed gift of bacon.


5 responses to “I’ve Done Something Horrible…

  1. nooo, not the bacon! jk. that is quite the sacrifice!

  2. Nice! You are really looking out for your future with just that one small change/sacrifice! In a month you will forget it was ever on your sandwich 🙂

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