The Gum Trick

gumEver use the gum trick?  I use it often at work to prevent overeating or mindless snacking.  All that’s needed is a pack of your favorite chew-able

The gum trick is simply popping a stick of gum when you’re finished eating.  Or better yet, before you’re finished.  It serves two purposes, freshening your breath and making your taste buds unwilling to accept more interlopers.

Consider this: Have you ever eaten after brushing your teeth? Likely not. Not only is eating post brushing counterintuitive, it also gives your chosen dish an unnatural minty finish.  I wish my 23 year old self had that kind of common sense when downing a beer shortly after a pre-night out teeth cleaning. Ok, my 33 year old self…

In any event, the gum trick serves the same purpose.  Next time you find yourself in a position to mindlessly munch, pop a stick instead.  Eat less, have better hygiene


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