Everyone’s Right Because Everyone’s Wrong


I was in Barnes and Noble last afternoon and stumbled across the diet book section.  A dizzying number of authors have apparently cracked the weight loss code.  And they’ve been thoughtful enough to share their discoveries in easy to follow steps to melting away fat.

How does one choose from so many wonderful step-by-step diet strategies?  Luckily, someone much smarter than me has provided an excellent answer.  Dr. David Katz summarized the intermingling of all these diet theories perfectly in his article “No One Thing”.

In short, he says everyone is right.  But everyone is wrong.  For example, both a vegan diet and the Mediterranean diet have positive aspects, but in his words:

If the most ardent proponents of a vegan diet are right, the proponents of the Mediterranean diet must be wrong.

He goes on to explain that no dieting philosophy sees the whole picture but each is right for the assertions they make in their area of preference.  Except, notably, “Six Weeks to OMG” (subtitle: Get skinnier than all your friends).

It’s a notion illustrated best in the parable he introduces “The Blind Men and the Elephant“.  I’d never heard this parable before, but I’m now assured of using it often enough my children will roll their eyes as I use it to illustrate one the numerous life lessons I’m sure to bestow.

Another lessson:  Never read anything entitled “Six Weeks to OMG”.


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