Remembering Workout Rule #1


So far this year I’ve been struggling to find my motivation to hit the gym.  Oh, I’ve made it there several times, but it has felt like a chore. Chores aren’t fun.  You find reasons not to do them.

Then last week I went for a run and remembered the most important aspect of any workout regime…you have to like it.

Beating the streets has been my go-to exercise since high school.  I love how it clears my mind.  I love how easy it is to do anywhere. And I appreciate the immediate feedback of going farther than last time.

I know jogging isn’t the most effective way to work the body.  Too steady state.  But it burns more calories than deciding on today’s excuse for skipping the gym.

I really don’t mind hitting the gym.  In fact most of the time I like it.  Just, for some reason, not lately.  Which is why rediscovering my favorite form of exercise is so important.  For once again I’m looking forward to exercise.

“Figured, since I came this far…..”


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