At Least Fish Sticks are Honest

fish sticks

So it seems there’s a fish conspiracy going on. A recent study revealed up to 1/3 of fish sold is deliberately mislabeled.  Meaning your favorite filet of grouper is potentially something called asian pangasius, or ponga.

And, apparently, if you purchase red snapper, there’s a 94% chance you’ve been fooled.  And charged a premium for your naivete.  A few other findings, as reported by Forbes:

  • More than half (59%) of the 46 fish types tested had mislabeling.
  • 84% of white tuna samples were actually escolar, “a species that can cause serious digestive issues for some individuals who eat more than a few ounces.”
  • Fish on the FDA’s “DO NOT EAT” list for sensitive groups such as pregnant women and children because of their high mercury content were sold to customers who had ordered safer fish.

It all makes frozen fish sticks seem more reputable.  At least they recognize what they’re pushing can only be generally described as “fish”.  Someday that may be the best we can get.



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