A Home Cook is Born

home cook

Earlier this week I met with a friend to discuss a some issues she was having concerning her diet and nutrition.   Overall she was doing really well.  She ate a protein filled breakfast everyday, ate a turkey sandwich at her desk for lunch, and had discovered kickboxing.

Her struggle started when the hours got late.  She admitted she rarely, if ever, cooked her own dinner.  Something to work on, to be sure.  But there are worse diet problems.

To address her biggest dieting hole she decided to set an easy goal.  Once a week she would plan and prepare a meal at home.  Problem #1, however, was she had no earthly idea what to cook.

As her sister and I began offering suggestions she seemed slightly intimidated.  Screwing up was her main concern.  Burning down the kitchen less so.

I assured her she would in fact produce a few interesting results.  Learning to cook will do that to you.  But I forgot to stress she will also eventually get it right.  In fact, I’m certain at some point she’ll surprise herself.  The joy of cooking will indeed find its way to her stove-top.

And then a miraculous thing will happen.  She’ll actually want to cook for herself.  She’ll want to perfect the one thing she surprisingly produced.  Then, bored with that, she’ll slowly branch out and begin to dabble in areas she’d never previously considered.

Soon the days of nightly Chinese delivery and frozen dinners will fade.  She’ll be a little healthier as a result.  A home cook is born.  One botched, and successful, meal at a time.


One response to “A Home Cook is Born

  1. Kudos to you! I hadn’t thguhot of that!

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