3 Ways You Can Fight “Superbugs”

super bugs

Not an actual photo of superbugs

Hospitals are begin confronted by one of their greatest fears.  The emergence of bacteria we cannot kill.  You’ve probably heard of the most common “superbug”, MRSA.  These new bugs make MRSA look downright warm and cuddly.

“Superbugs” develop as bacteria mutate in response to repeated exposure to common antibiotics.  The more they’re exposed, the faster and more powerfully they mutate.  Modern medicine can’t keep up.

Over half of those who acquire an infection from an invincible “superbug” will die.  Officials who call “superbugs” THE health crisis of the coming century are no longer speaking in hyperbole.

The good news is you can help slow the development of “superbugs”.  Here’s your three weapons:

  1. Don’t get sick.  More specifically, don’t be sick in a hospital.  As of now these new superbugs are limited to hospitals.  But like MRSA before them, eventually they’ll find their way into the community.  As always, wash your hands regularly.
  2. Avoid antibiotics, unless necessary.  Most of the illnesses we get are a product of viruses, not bacteria.  But when we’re feeling miserable we beg our doc for something to help.  A needless antibiotic is what we get.  If your doc says you or your child won’t be helped by an antibiotic, listen.
  3. Eat organic! (Or close) A whopping 80% of all the antibiotics we use go to healthy livestock.  They eat antibiotics, you eat them, you eat antibiotics.  It’s completely unnecessary.  Buy organic meats or, if your grocery offers the choice, pick meat that doesn’t use antibiotics. (Publix supermarkets have “Greenwise” selections that are sans antibiotics).






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