More of the Same, Differently

IMG_2062Lesson #1 from early fatherhood:  I have less free time.  Based on intel gathered from those farther down the child rearing continuum, I can expect the trend to continue.

Lesson #2: I’d willingly trade free time for smiles and coos from my daughter.

That preference notwithstanding, a problem emerges as posting on this site takes place almost exclusively during, now dwindling, free time.  Yet, I still enjoy sending random thoughts and lessons into the great abyss of the World Wide Web.

To reconcile these competing realities I resolve to better manage my free time.  So, expect continued partially helpful and underwhelmingly entertaining posts coming through this site.  Just not as often as previous incarnations.

Essentials is back.  Woot-woots and high fives.


What Say You!

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