What I Do Wrong


I’ve been in a rut.  Since early November I’ve eaten poorly and exercised infrequently.  Repeated attempts to restart a healthy lifestyle, even using this blog as forum for a public shaming, have produced mixed results.

Perhaps it was the distraction and stress of a pending addition to our family that pushed me to junk food and gym excuses.  Call it pregnancy sympathy weight.  No matter.  I’ve neglected healthy habits and now sport burgeoning love handles.

You’re likely not interested in my tales of woe.  As Paulie Walnuts said, “Hey, I got my own f****** problems.”  But in working my way back to happy habits I’ve taken an honest look at what holds me back.

We can all benefit from being honest with ourselves.  I’ll start.  Here’s what I do wrong:

I love beer.  For those that know me this is no surprise.  But knocking back even a light beer means pouring on 100 calories.  I’m not becoming a teetotaler by any stretch, but fewer suds can only help my 5K time.

I can’t resist temptation.  During her pregnancy, it was everywhere.  She wants cookie dough ice cream, she gets cookie dough ice cream.  Unfortunately, it means I get cookie dough ice cream too.

I over indulge on holiday-ish.  I ignore my own advice.  From the last Thursday in November to the end of Bowl season I eat with little concern for calories or content.

I give in to weekly habits.  Sunday feels like pizza night, doesn’t it?  It certainly seems so around my house.  I can’t give up pizza.  But I need a better reason than, “It’s Sunday.”

I write down fitness goals, then ignore them.  “A goal without a plan is a only a wish.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In an effort to regain some self esteem I also recognized five things I do right.  I’ll post those pick me ups next week.  (Always start with the bad news….)


One response to “What I Do Wrong

  1. Good luck! I have found for me it was a mind set change that needed to occur before the weight came off.

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