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Greetings! I’m Dr Dan DiBacco.  I received my Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) from West Virginia University in 2002.  After graduation my pooch and I relocated to Atlanta, GA where I began my career working as a retail pharmacist.  My area of expertise is nutrition and supplementation.  I also have a professional interest in asthma, weight management, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

In 2009 I was awarded my Masters of Business Administration from Georgia State University.  My MBA concentration was Healthcare Administration.  I have a deep interest in healthcare system structure and functionality.  In particular, the relationship between free market principles and the moral obligations of healthcare.

I currently work as a retail pharmacist in Marietta, GA.  I also serve as co-chair of the treatment sub-committee of FAIR, the Fulton county Asthma Improvement and Reduction project.

Personally, I am newly married (April 2011) to my lovely wife Ashley-Jane.  We live in Atlanta with our two dogs.

A chocolate lab mix, Lex, (aka Mr Poopers):

And a yorkie-poo, Miles Davis:

Thank you so much for visting my blog!

6 responses to “Author Info

  1. Hey! You are in ATL! I’m in Lawrenceville. 🙂 Will look up USANA… Do you work for a chain or independent? I’m excited that you specialize in nutrition – I think that is something we really didn’t touch on enough in Pharmacy school… I am self-educating…

    • I am in Atlanta! So, you must a Mercer student, yes?

      I work in a chain. It’s not where I intend to stay, but for now it’s comfortable. Good schedule, good staff.

      I totally agree about the lack of nutrition information in Pharm school. It’s not even half a module…

      USANA is great. A really cool company with great vitamins and nutritional products. All manufactured by pharmaceutical standards and vigorously tested for bioavailablity. I love hearing other pharmacists and health professionals impressions of the company. Let me know what you think!

    • The exirptese shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  2. Actually I am a UGA student doing rotations in Atlanta. 🙂 Will look it up and definitely let you know what I think!

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