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Do This Now! Goal Setting

Another simple action for a healthier lifestyle.

Do This Now! Set a monthly goal.

Goal setting is the first, and most important, step to make positive changes.  Be it in health, money, or life.  I do it every month.

Since it’s the beginning of the month now is the perfect time to so set a goal for where you want to be when the calendar turns to September.  Start with just one.

In goal setting there are four rules:

  1. Make it definable and action oriented.  Think things like: “Run 2 miles”, “Do 50 pushups”, or “Eat out only once a week.”  Not, “Eat better”, “Workout regularly”, or “Lose 5 pounds”
  2. Write it down.  It won’t stick if you don’t put pen to paper, keystroke to document, or touchscreen type to magical app.
  3. Make it achieveable.  Wanna start running?  Push to complete a mile in under 10 minutes, not run a 10K.  Incremental change is always more sticky.
  4. Do It Now!  Not tomorrow.  Not in a couple minutes.  Not after Ellen.  Now. 

New Series: Do This Now!

Today I’m introducing a new occasional series entitled Do This Now!  The idea is to present simple actions to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.  Read This Now!

Do This Now!  Sign up for a yoga class.

Doing yoga doesn’t necessarily make you thin.  But it keeps you limber as the sands of time push your aging muscles toward rigidity.  Don’t underestimate the benefit of being able to touch your toes.  Just ask professional athletes.

Yoga is also an activity you can do as long as your upright.  If you’re still pushing 2oolbs off your chest in your 6th decade you may be doing more harm than good.  But it’s in these later years when yoga keeps your body ready for the activities you enjoy.

Yoga also helps me reduce stress, play better golf, sleep sounder, and be more flexible for other, ahem, bedroom activities.  Not bad for an exercise that has lasted thousands of years.

Try yoga this week.  Most studios will give you a complimentary first free class.  Go here to find a class near you.  Do It Now!