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Strike up the band! Pop the champagne!

It’s Grand opening week here at the Essentials of Nutrition!  I’m really excited to get started and begin the discussion on nutrition, diet, and health. (With a little healthcare sprinked in).  

For the first week we’re gonna go off the schedule a little bit. (Haven’t actually been ON the schedule yet. Find the typical weekly schedule under “about the blog”) This first week I’m writing a post introducing each of “My Rules”.   My Rules are guidelines I try to live by to stay healthy and happy. Sometimes I follow them diligently, sometimes I don’t. Such is life.

You’ll see continued references to My Rules throughout the blog. In fact, nearly all entries will relate to My Rules in some manner. I’ll expound on each as we go, and maybe even slightly change them as I learn new things. Everything is apt to change over time. Even “Rules”. Again, such is life.