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5 Fast Facts: Magnesium

A little brain food for you today.  Introducing Five Fast Facts.  Quick tidbits on nutrients and other dietary related matters.  First up, Magnesium!

  1. 50-60% of all the Magnesium in the body is found in your bones.
  2. Magnesium is essential to the proper function of over 300 enzyme systems in the body.
  3. Outside of bone structure the 3 most important roles for magnesium are: muscle relaxation, nerve signal transmission, and making stored sugar available for energy use.
  4. Top 3 dietary sources: Nuts, Fish, and Whole Grains.
  5. Magnesium citrate is the fastest working laxative available without a prescription.  Be near a bathroom (and hopefully alone) when using.

Hope you feel a little smarter!  I know I do…