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Essentials’s Newest Fan


Recently I’ve had my hands full.  Literally and figuratively.  I’ll be back to regular postings in the near future.  But for now my days are consumed with alternating feelings of bliss and pure panic.


A Kick and A Cry

I’m finding it a little difficult today to conjure up a topic for my silly little blog. The events of Friday in Connecticut makes my ramblings on fast food, frozen vegetable, and fitness seem trite.

So forgive me if I can’t find a way to riff whimsically about the benefits of broccoli.  My mind is elsewhere.

For last night, my unborn daughter gave a swift kick to the inner wall of her womb, which, for the first time, reverberated into my waiting palm resting upon her mother’s belly.  Then I heard the President read 20 children’s names…


A Programming Note

To better pursue other interests I’ll be posting on Essentials of Nutrition less frequently.  Oh, dry your eyes.  I still plan on being active with my usual musings and nonsense, it just won’t arrive in your inbox on  daily basis.  At this point I’m planning on a couple posts a week.

I hope you’re able to carry on.  Thanks for all your support.  You WILL be hearing from me!

One Year and Counting…

A little over a year ago I started Essentials of Nutrition.  I’ve treasured every day and every post.  But today I’m posting in celebration of something more profound.  My one year wedding anniversary..

Thank you to my darling wife on a wonderful year of wedded bliss.

Our regularly scheduled programming returns tomorrow…