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Cola Chicken Potato Chips Forgot Someone

Tossing out a few links from the week gone by:

cola chicken

Pepsi and Lay’s have combined forces to bring  “Cola Chicken” flavored potato chips to China.  Which begs the question:  How did KFC get cut out of this deal?

This article’s first line reads “Surprise: People who drink alcohol tip well”.  Read: “Drunks fforget credit cards at bar.  15% gratuity added”.

A new poll shows Americans believe the obesity epidemic is a national health crisis.  But, unsurprisingly, we’re split over the government’s role in fixing the situation.  We like calories posted on menus.  We hate limiting access to junk.

Which diet is best?  Check out the latest rankings.  Paleo lovers avert your eyes.

Fox News presents its top food trends of 2013.  Be the first to tout the health benefits of teff.  Make friends and neighbors jealous.


Flying Killer Sushi Monsters

Links and oddities from the week:

Dead Sushi, a movie about, you guessed it, flying killer sushi monsters, premieres in September.  Notice the tagline, “Hot Wasabi Action!”.  Wish I’d thought of that…

In an online newsletter to employees last week, the USDA endorsed the idea of Meatless Monday, citing the environmental and health benefits of going without meat once a week.  In short order the beef industry pressured the USDA to reverse course, calling Meatless Monday an “activist campaign against cattle producers”.  I’m at a loss.

On a lighter note, GQ’s food critic Alan Richman gives us a thorough examination of his favorite food: ice cream.

Here are 5 things to know about a proposed organic check off program.  Think “Got Milk?” ads for the organic industry.

Is everybody really gluten-intolerant?

I never thought of putting this on the grill, but now I’m itching to try.

Why Is It Always Bacon?

Links and interesting stuff from the world wide web.

Slater’s 50/50, a southern California fast food chain, has introduced the patriotically-named ‘Merica Burger.  It’s a burger made of ground bacon.  I had no idea ground bacon even existed.  Silly me.

For the twitter age: Nutrition advice in 3 words.  Simply perfect.

Why do women prefer to view the Olympics over regular sporting events?  The short bursts of activity keep their attention.  Apparently my wife isn’t alone in grimacing at the prospect of nine innings.

In vitamin news: a new analysis from the Linus Paulding Institute asserts we should double the current RDA of Vitamin C.  I’m already there.

Take a look at 7 tips to consider when ordering take out.  And here’s 5 ways to eat healthier at work.

Scratch what I asked about bacon.  I know why.

On Demand Ice Cream Truck

In San Francisco an app is being tested that can summon the ice cream man.  Kids will be spoiled by technology.  On second thought, they’ve been cheated.  I never ran so fast as when I heard the ding-a-ling of the ice cream truck.  .

A great snack just got better.  A new study shows almonds may have 20% fewer calories than originally thought.

The folks at Healthcastle compared Hidden Valley Original Ranch and the Fat-free version.  Read on for another lesson why fat-free is a ruse.

On Monday I urged you to try yoga.  Now hear it from someone much cooler, smarter, and richer than me.

If you care, here’s everything you need to know about the cucumber.

Try on a funny little joke to brighten your Wednesday.  Took me a second.

Can We Trust the Organic Seal?

Links from the past week:

This is troubling.  Wanting a piece of the fast growing organic market, Big Food corporations have infiltrated the National Organic Standards Board.  Things with names like carrageenan and inositol have made their way onto the approved organic list.

Organic tomatoes, besides tasting better, have been shown to contain more antioxidants than the mass produced variety.  Get one while you still can.

It seems most people want their meat without antibiotics.  Good idea.  But can they find it at their supermarket?  Depends where you shop.

Summer Farmer’s Markets are in full swing.  Here’s a guide for first timers and veterans alike.  One hint: Get there early.

The Chicago Tribune reports on the FDA’s trouble with unscrupulous supplement manufacturers.  They’re a black eye for the industry.  It’s why I stick to supplements I can trust.

How accurate are food expiration dates?

News this week that having pets, especially dogs, keeps kids healthier in their first year of life.  The health benefits from our furry friends continues throughout life too.  And they can catch your yawn.

A Gay Pride Cookie

Links and so forth from the past week:

To celebrate gay pride week in New York City, Kraft posted a rainbow stuffed Oreo on its Facebook page.  Thank goodness someone took the time to calculate the caloric load of this fictional treat.

Science has finally explained why mass produced, perfectly round, supermarket tomatoes taste like crap.

Check out this history of our growing cola sizes.  Here’s another take on supersizing.

Low levels of two B Vitamins, B6 and B12, have been linked to changes in mental function.

Local Atlanta enterprenuer Steven Carse, founder of King of Pops, has made Fast Company’s list of “young, change making entrepreneurs” for his nearly waste-free business model.  And their damned delicious popsicles.

Ever wonder why doctors wear white coats?  Not really?  Well here’s a link explaining anyway.

Del Taco: Go Bold or Go Hospital

I’ve never been to a Del Taco.  But I think I’d like a place called Of The Taco.  Sounds delicious.  Not sure about the drive thru stabbing, though.  Perhaps the patron asked for a chalupa.  This ain’t Taco Bell!

For great way to waste time, check out Food Republic’s Top 10 Food Comedy Sketches. 

The latest farm bill was passed by Congress.  Unsurprisingly it remains heavy on subsidizes for corn and soy.  The building blocks of processed junk food.  Sadly, making healthy food more accessibl has never been the goal.

I’m confused.  As it turns out, pregnant ladies can drink a little alcohol.  And after the child is born, using sunscreen may not be the best idea.

Check out a new documentary that follows three families struggling to feed their babies something besides junk.

Coca-Cola is now in the protein shake business.