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Poop in a Bucket for Mother Earth

I care about the environment.  And, although I’m not perfect, I try to do my best to lessen my carbon footprint.  It’s one of the reasons I advocate for locally-grown, organic produce.

So naturally, I’ll support most initiatives that will help us lower green house emissions.

Except for this one…..  (The song is a fantastic however)

Dog Getting Fat?

A spanking new Weigh2Be

Dog getting fat?  Vet telling you to stop feeding him from the table? If your dog is getting fat eating what you eat, it’s time to reexamine your dietary choices.   For your sake and Fido’s.  

(It’s like you could put a spigot on that guy and get straight gravy.  Turkey gravy.)

A New Weigh 2 Be

I’m a big fan of simple.  Especially with diet and wellness advice.  Perhaps it’s because I need to reserve mental capacity to understand my wife’s messages and remember to take out the trash.

In any event, I’ve created a new way of making healthy living advice simple.  I call it Weigh2Be.  It’s a catchy play on words, I know.

Weigh2Be is short, simple, somewhat random thoughts on eating, exercising, and living healthy.  Hopefully, it’ll be informative.  Or at least mildly entertaining.  If neither, blessedly short enough to not be a bother.

You’ll see regular appearances from this new Weigh2Be initiative.  Here’s today’s:

It’s a good bet in any restaurant the worst thing you could eat has “ranch” in the title.  It would be wise to not get that item.  

If you have a Weigh2Be, please send it along.  Sharing is caring….