Read these. Learn something.

Organic Manifesto by Maria Rodale.  A wonderful overview of the importance of organic farming.  It covers farming history, economic & political issues, and environmental and health benefits.

Why we get fat: and what to do about it by Gary Taubes.  Mr Taubes gives fascinating evidence describing why the idea of calories-in/calories-out is not the best way to view weight management.

The New Abs Diet by David Zinczenko.  From the editor of Men’s Health Magazine.  A packed book with instructions on eating healthier, maintaining proper nutrition, recipes, exercise, and more. 

The Tipping Point, Blink, & Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  Three New York Times Bestsellers that discover what causes trends and change (The Tipping Point), how we make decisions (Blink), and what causes success (Outliers).

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