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Finally, Bacon for Your Purse


Why not? Honestly, why damned not?

In college we don’t always make smart choices.  A liquor luge here, a walk of shame there.  But this is bad.  If I’d have followed my instincts back then and bought a RonCo food dehydrator I’m certain I’d be a bacon jerky millionaire today.

Alas, 15 years later a company with the regrettable name Oh Boy! Oberto has stolen my grandchildren’s trust fund and brought the world bacon jerky.

Ladies, carry bacon in your purse.  Guys, stash a stick in your pocket in case your date opts for a slim clutch.  Show them chivalry isn’t dead.  Only my dreams.

Beware, eating bacon jerky may cause swollen ankles, skyrocketing blood pressure, and being chased by dingos.