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What I do Right


This is not me. I’d remember being in a room that white.

Last week I confessed what I do wrong in maintaining my health.  It was a mildly uncomfortable, but helpful, exercise.  I hope it prompted you to do the same.

Today, I begin to resuscitate my self esteem.   It’s time to  celebrate what I do right:

I cook regularly.  Michael Polian’s new book Cooked asserts cooking at home is the path to healthy living.  I think he’s right.

I always eat healthy at work.  I eat roughly half my weekly meals at work.  If I’m eating healthy 50% of the time I can screw up more off the clock.

I try new ways to exercise.  At different times I’ve been moderately obsessed with jogging, swimming laps (yes, I own a speedo), pounding a heavy bag, weight lifting, and circuit training.  I’ve recently begun taking hot yoga classes.  A new obsession is blooming.

I stay active.  I don’t mean “workout” active.  I mean walking to get groceries, working in the yard, playing golf, and generally staying on my feet.  I try to reserve sitting for eating, driving, and watching sports.

I keep junk food out of my house.  See: Most Important Diet Tip Ever.

Don’t forget to tell me what you do right!