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Hiding the Health

season 52

“Healthy food tastes like warm sawdust and lawn trimmings.  No salt + no butter + no cream = No flavor.  I know I have to eat it, but I’d rather snort fire ants.  Oh, and you’ll never find me in a new age “healthy” restaurant.  If I’ve never heard of it, I ain’t eatin it.”

Any of this sound familiar?  Do you heave a sigh at the thought of healthy eating out?  A new breed of “stealth health” restaurants think lots of folks share this mistrust of healthy restaurant fare.  So they downplay their health food stance.  Lest you be scared away.

It’s assumed in today’s health conscious environment a restaurant offering healthy options should tout its waist slimming options.  That marketing strategy brought Jared from Subway into our consciousness.  And Subway record profits.

But for restaurants like Season’s 52, their healthy standards take a back seat to flavors created in the kitchen.  It’s a noble idea, but the aforementioned Subway success makes me think promoting healthy food intentions doesn’t hurt.

In fact, I live just down the street from a Season’s 52 and wasn’t aware their concept before reading this Washington Post article.  Now I’m enticed to go.  Maybe I’m in the minority.  Maybe most folks still want the option of getting a meatball marinara footlong covered in melting cheese.